A Few Great Places to Study Off Campus

By Amy Beck

East Village Coffee Lounge East Village



498 Washington St in Monterey


 East Village Coffee Lounge is a popular study spot for MIIS students. The lounge has three rooms, all with different vibes. The main room has the coffee bar where they serve certified organic and fair trade coffee, loose leaf tea, beer and wine, as well as sandwiches, paninis and pastries. The food, coffee and tea are delicious and enjoys a good reputation. The room is decorated with different sized tables and chairs, overstuffed chairs and sofas and always full of people, studying and chatting. The back room is much quieter. The tables are smaller, for one or two, and are usually surrounded by studious coffee or tea drinkers. When the lounge has live music, the back room is converted into a theatre. The third room is a narrow with small tables and a bit sunnier. The lounge exudes a serene vibe, and music is just loud enough to block out other conversations, but tranquil enough to foster studying.


Quock Mui Tea Room and Wave St Studios Quock Mui


774 Wave Street off Cannery Row



The Quock Mui Tea Room is a hidden treasure. Located down the steps from wave street, its main entrance is off the bike path that cuts through Cannery Row. The tea room features a wide variety of lose leaf teas and an assortment of chocolate. This is the place to go if you are a tea addict and are looking for high quality loose leaf teas. There are two small tables inside and a heated stone bench outside that curves around a large mahogany table. A lit waterfall trickles down the wall behind the bench.




Connected to the tea room is the Wave St Studios, a recording studio and small concert venue. The studio hosts local artists who want to film their performance and allows a limited number of audience members for a small fee. (Bring your student ID for a discount.) Check the website for schedule and times. The studio is also rented out during the day for afternoon belly dance classes. (Class schedule is available at the tea room.)


Monterey Public Library

monterey public libraryhttp://www.monterey.org/library/ The Monterey Public Library is a beautiful place to study and only a few blocks from the MIIS campus. The library has multiple desks, comfortable chairs, tables, and study areas. Anyone who has a local address can sign up for a library card and use the computers, check out books and CDs, or check out a laptop for use in the library and the library garden. The building has wireless access indoors and outdoors in the garden area. The building is beautiful: high ceilings, warm wooden architecture, and large windows. The librarians are incredibly helpful and welcoming. The library also features book clubs and book-related events. Check the website for details.

625 Pacific St in Monterey (a few blocks from the MIIS campus)



The Works Book Store The Works Bookstore 




667 Lighthouse Ave in Pacific Grove


 The Works Bookstore is a friendly and warm place to study. The store is divided into two sections: the front room is a café with a great menu of coffee, loose leaf tea, and pastries; the back room is a small bookstore. The café has tables and chairs, comfortable couches and counter seats. The café is sunny and bright with windows stretching around the area. The variety of tea is impressive, organic, and of high quality and the coffee is good. Check their website for a schedule of occasional music and art exhibits.



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