What would you do if you could do it all again?

The Foghorn Investigates

If you could come back to this life a couple of more times and do anything you wanted what would you choose? This question was posed to some of our MIIS community members. Their answers were amazing and fun… and shall I say unexpected.

max2 “What I’m doing now…only from the start!”

Max Perelman, Dual-Degree: MBA and MA in International Environmental Policy

archana3 Eagle
Buddhist Monk
My grandmother
“I have many more including POPE”

Archana Chhetri,  Masters in Development Candidate

camille2 Stand up comedian
Cave explorer
Host of tv show
Park Ranger

Camille Goldberg, MBA Candidate

The job of “mom.” I wish I had spent more time with my children when they were growing up.
2-5: Please refer to #1.

Beryl Levinger, Distinguished Professor

amer Psychiatrist
Computer programmer

Amer Barghouth, Masters in Policy Studies Candidate

peter Quarterback for National Football League team
Columnist for “New York Times”
Senator (Democrat) from California
Working for NGO fighting human trafficking
World wildlife photographer

Peter Grothe, Director of International Student Programs

Noel Oakes, MBA Candidate
Marine Biologist
Newspaper journalist/op-ed writer

Janet Lyon, Assistant to the Dean of GSIPS
I would still want to be mom first and foremost
Own and make pies in a pie shop
Own a plant nursery and do plant propagations
Start and care/rescue large dogs

Paula LeRoy-Antaki, MPA Candidate
An organic gardener
A kindergarten teacher
The president of the United States
A journalist, a world class gymnast (ie double back with a full twist)
Program director for a nonprofit doing development in Central America

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  1. We just started a new club on campus, MIISpoken, that has a blog detailing some of our on and off campus happenings and events. Would you be willing to add our blog address to your Blogroll links?

    MIISpoken is an active, accessible art community at MIIS that supports creative expression on social, political, and economic topics to promote intersectional thinking. We are devoted to enhancing social change through spoken word and other creative endeavors.

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