The First Green Leadership Award Winner

Congratulations to Rachel Christopherson: 

The First Green Leadership Award Winner

Translation and Interpretation Non-Degree Coordinator Rachel Christopherson has been selected as the first Green Leadership Award Winner. The contest, sponsored by the Environmental Task Force, recognizes peer-nominated MIIS community members who go out of their way to embrace environmental responsibility in their work and personal lives. Rachel was not only nominated by her peers – she actually nominated 3 people herself. She credits IEP students, particularly Max Perelman, for pushing her towards a more environmentally friendly life and work-style. In particular, Rachel has worked to reduce the amount of plastic water bottles and disposable cutlery used during campus events. She says that the Institute has supported her efforts to buy glassware, ceramic plates, and silverware. Moreover, she now buys environmentally friendly disposables from companies such as Passion Purveyors when no other options are available. Taking that logic a step further, Rachel has invested in Mason jars to use at home parties and even with visiting student groups. In addition, Rachel makes the half-hour trip to MIIS from her Seaside home by bicycle whenever possible. She volunteers with the Aquarium, for local parks and sick neighbors, for ocean education programs for local middle schools and for local organizations by fundraising with her Samba/African music band.

In the future, Rachel hopes to install a rainwater catchment system to meet the water needs of the huge vegetable garden she tends at home.

Nominations are being accepted every month for the Green Leadership Award. To nominate a member of the MIIS faculty, staff or student body, please click here. Winners will receive a $15 gift certificate to a local, environmentally friendly store of their choice.  

by Emily Sloane


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