November 4, 2008 SC Meeting Minutes

Absent: Ashley, Trevor, Luke, Lauren W. Emily, Chris

SC Advisor Report – Gail

Mentor program now recruiting for spring 2009

Executive Officers Reports

a. President: Seda Savas

i. Halloween party wrap-up

ii. Fall Event-The event will be Saturday, 23 November 2008. The Social Activities Committee will meet Thursday 6 November 2008 at the Holland Center from 1:00-2:00pm.

iii. Institutional Transformation-The Monterey Institute Board of Trustees met in October. Before the Board meeting, a group of students from the MBA program created an MBA-specific survey and submitted this survey to Board members. In addition, the MBA working group (Task Force) put together a priorities document, which was passed onto the Board members. In order to address these documents and listen to student concerns, the Board changed their schedule and convened a full meeting of the Board, allotting an hour to listen to students. One student from the survey group was invited to represent the MBA survey group and one person from the Task Force was invited to represent the MBA Task Force. SC President was at the meeting to represent the entire student body and presented degree program-specific student reactions gathered by SC representatives in addition to the results of the school-wide SC survey. At this meeting, the Board made a verbal commitment to incorporating student feedback in figuring out the details of the integration and to improving communication between the administration and the students regarding news and announcements on the integration. President Designate Sunder Ramaswamy has changed his schedule to visit campus earlier. He will be here on November 13 to hold school-specific meetings with students, faculty and staff. Students are highly encouraged to attend this meeting.

iv. November Happy Hour

v. Midnight Breakfast-Student Council members agreed to hold the breakfast the week before finals at the Holland Center. David recommended sponsors to help run the event to relieve strain on SC members. He will be in charge of finding these volunteers. Depending on the cost, SC may hold multiple events during the week before finals.

b. Vice President: Trevor

i. VP Report-No report

ii. Volunteers for Excellence in Teaching Committee-Trevor IPS, Lauren IPS, Jessica LEL, Shawn IEP, John IPS, Jenny MBA, Addi MPA, Alex ITP



Student Council Meeting

November 4, 2008 B106 12:00 – 2:00

c. Treasurer: Luke Smith

i. Budget-No report

d. Secretary: Lauren M.- No report

Program Officer Reports

a. IPS-In regards to a class gift, Luniya reported no response as of yet from IPS students.

b. ITP-There will be a professor-run trip to the San Francisco port November 20, 2008.

c. ETF Co-Chair-They would like to encourage MIIS students to remember sustainability issues when planning events.

d. MBA-There was a suggestion from a student to use MBA funds for a coffee machine

e. T&I-There are some complaints from students that the classrooms are locked on weekends. Students must make a reservation at least 2 days before the would like to use a room on campus. Student Council members mentioned that during finals weeks this could be a problem as Samson and Holland are crowded. Luniya will look into the new policy.

f. MPA-Representatives are working with professors planning an MPA dinner.

g.TFL/TESOL-No report

h. IEP-Representatives started video interviews last week and will work to post the first ten within the upcoming weeks.

i. Social Activities Chair-No report

Committee Reports

a.Academic Affairs-No report

b.Budget-No report

c.IT-No report

d.Social Activities-David is seeking sponsors for fall event. He will check on local charities for food donations.

e.Forum/Conference Funding-Conference Funding Committee will meet every other Tuesday.




Student Council Meeting

November 4, 2008 B106 12:00 – 2:00


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