Conference Report: Anti Gang Violence and Gun Control

by Vinod Bhasker

The Department of Justice as part of the Project Safe Neighborhoods had organized a three day training conference for all those connected with education, peace keeping and law enforcement. I was particularly interested in this program on two counts. Firstly MIIS is planning a course on this aspect of arms control. Secondly gangs are the result of any insurgency that has ended without adequate reintegration and demobilization. There are many areas in my country which are affected by gangs of ex insurgents who use violence to control the drug, arms and human trafficking ‘business’. These gang members are heavily influenced by American rap music and ‘gangsta’ culture and like to imitate them in dress and deed.

The conference was about how to tackle these threats on at various levels. The whole focus was on addressing the demand side of gun control. This has to be done in a coordinated way with the involvement of not only the police and administration but also teachers, school authorities, church and of course parents. If the motivations for joining a gang are removed, if the recruitment to the gangs is prevented, a major part of the battle is won. Simple steps can go a long way in preventing youth from getting influenced by gun and gang culture. Something as simple as turning gang graffiti into art and rerouting traffic can make a major difference in the fight against gang violence and small arms proliferation. More people have died from small arms than from bombs or nuclear weapons… Makes you think


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  1. I read that in L.A. the gun control city council of stupid liberal suckerfish donated millions to a phonie antigun groups called NO GUNS now its big fearless leader BIG WEASEL has ben arrested for gun posetion too bad for stupid liberals and the doofusness stupididy

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