October 28, 2008 SC Meeting Minutes

Absent: Addi, Shawn

SC Advisor’s Report

Ashley mentioned one student’s concern that Student Council members receive lunch at SC meetings. Seda clarified this amount is $70 bi-weekly for 23 people and SC does this because meetings take place at lunch time. Ashley added that she invited this student to come to Student Council meetings and that this is acceptable considering the amount of time SC members volunteer for Student Council.

Executive Officers Reports

a. President: Seda Savas

i. Halloween Party: There is no free beer and wine all night because of a venue breach of contract. Alcohol is free only until it runs out. Students must bring MIIS ID and State ID/Passport. Outside alcohol is not allowed.

ii. Fall Event: This yearʼs theme will be a fall theme. Seda proposed having a fun and games section with activities such as bobbing for apples, face painting, obstacle course, et cetera. There will be drinks and cold appetizers. David is seeking in-kind donations for food. Allison suggested finding volunteers with art abilities to paint faces. Jacqueline will check alcohol prices. David suggested people donate a can good for a local organization. Ashley mentioned a dunking machine and bouncy castle are approved by the institute however, people must sign a liability release. The event will be Saturday, November 22, 2008.

iii. December Graduation: This year there will be a catered garden party for graduates at Samson Center. All student council members will participate for setup and to work the event. It is not open for all students; it is strictly for graduating students and their families.

iv. Class Gift: Lauren W.: Adopt a Highway, Televisions, Jenni: credit cards for Samson Center, donation to MIIS library Bulbul: ATMs David: Televisions with newsfeed (whatʼs going on in the school), sink next to microwaves in Samson Center Jung: More drinking fountains or water filters, a paper shredder, good coffee vending machine, whiteboards and markers for every classroom Jessica: noise guards on doors in the quiet study areas Jacqueline: motion sensor lights to address sustainability Seda: dishwasher (will compare notes with sustainability council)

b.Vice President: Trevor: He will meet with the Excellence in Teaching Committee.

c. Secretary: Lauren Messing
i. SC Contact Information List

d. Treasurer: Luke Smith
i. Budget

SC Program Representatives’ Reports

a. IPS Rep – Luniya Msuku

i. Global Majority Group Happy Hour Sponsorship-Non Campus group is able to help but they should contact Chris and follow all institute requirements

ii. Water Dispenser- There are concerns the machine is not serviced as often as it should. Luniya checked and it is serviced on a regular basis, every 2-4 months.

iii. Library Online Renewal-A system is very expensive and time consuming. Students may renew online but have to do it before it is due. There are plans in the future to use Middleburyʼs system.

b. ITP Rep – Lauren Wygonski

i. Happy Hour Pros and Cons- There are concerns from security guards that SC members are not checking IDs. Student Council members should make sure everyone has their hand stamped; they must also cover the front back stairs and side entrances. Chris will email volunteer signup list to groups who are sponsoring the event; SC members then fill additional volunteer spots.

c. IEP Rep – Jacqueline Gaskill

i. ETF and IEP Clothing Swap-Emily will speak with the Social Activities Committee. ii. Jacqueline will post interesting internships on a Moodle site.

Committee Reports
a.Academic Affairs
b.Budget-Club allocations are finished. Student Council Conference Funds are completely gone but there are four different school budgets so students may still apply.
c.IT- The new IT Committee Chair is Devan Hankerson. She will check on MacBook wireless issues.
d.Social Activities-Jonathan suggested getting a DJ for events.
e.Forum/ Conference Funding-This group meets every week on Wednesday.

Adjournment 1:30pm


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