Integration of the Policy & Business Schools

MIIS President Clara Yu sat down with Foghorn staffer Cameron Jahn (MBA 2009) to explain the proposed integration of the policy and business schools.

Watch the interview here:

Clara will host a town hall meeting for students to discuss the proposed changes Thursday, Sept. 25 in Irvine Auditorium during the dead hour.

Please get involved and make your voice heard.


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for making the video CAM it helps students have a better idea of what is going on… i know the biggest frustration esp in the Business School has been a lack of communication to the student level.

  2. “To be worked out” is neither sufficient nor satisfactory. (see min30:00)

    I am appalled that this merger has been essentially decided upon, and yet there is no road map to the end result. The data collection stage ought to come before the decision? President Yu and the rest of her committee owe it to the students, alumni, faculty and stuff to show us HOW they intend this model to look and function.

    “To be worked out” is, frankly, insulting – as is withholding any sort of research that has been collected. Transparency and accountability are not just concepts taught in b-school.

    If you attempted to go to any governing body with “To be worked out,” you would be laughed out of the room, even if your concept is completely sound. And this holds for any business, policy, lesson or translation/interpretation plan.

    Thank you for posting these videos. Please keep them coming.

  3. Sorry – min 31:45

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